Finishing up the year

2018-11-13 23:27

The fall is moving along and winter is soon here. For Elida the work year is drawing to a close. Right now we're sailing from Athens back to our winter port in Cartagena, Spain (with a short stop in Rome). After that, winter furlow awaits for the crew.

Looking back, it's been a truly amazing year! Most of all considering our manifestation sail to Israel, which went far beyond all we could imagine. Only the future knows what this sail will lead to and result in.

We look back on a year full of people – amazing encounters with individuals, during camps, at dock meetings, on sails, at open ship... We hope we've been able to be a loving handshake, hug, smile and encouragement to others this year – an extended hand for our Master and Savior, Jesus Christ, who Himself is love.

May His peace fill you all!

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