New year, new opportunities

2019-01-21 17:56

And so the year 2019 has begun at Elida, as well!

During 18–20 January we had a start-up weekend on Hönö island outside Gothenburg with the whole crew – both full and half-timers, as well as all of Elida's music team. Friday night was a total, glorious chaos with some 35 adults and close to ten children, all in the home of family Abrahamsson on Hälsö island.

During Saturday the musicians had music practice, while the rest planned the work year, discussed changes in routines onboard, and so on.
And at night we offered a wonderful concert in Hönö Missions Church, which was close to crammed with people. We performed a broad variety of songs, from both our evangelisation tour and the "Swedish culture" program we put together while in Israel.

In addition, we recorded the whole concert for a potential new live-cd, which we hope to have avilable this summer. If it sounds good that is...

The weekend ended with us participating in the Sunday service, upon which we had some evaluation of our work – and pizza party.
The following day the main crew flew down ot the ship in its winter port in Cartagena, Spain, for some maintenance work before Elidas sails to the Canary islands.

(If you wish to come along on that week-long sail – either departing from Cartagena on 28 January or from Malaga on 1 February – just drop an e-mail to

Now we hope for a truly blessed and eventful 2019!

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