It is always a wonderful experience to come to Coimbatore in southern India, where our wonderful Indian brethren Joy and Annama run our three children homes. Here you find the large white main building, with its three floors and the blue stripe, which has always characterized Elida. The idea is that the house will carry the same coulors as the ship in Sweden. This is where our school-aged boys live.

Adjacent to this building we had, until recently, the so-called "Life Centre" for toddlers, where they stayed until it was time to begin school. Due to new Indian regulations for orphans (spring 2011), we have had to close down this centre for the moment, but Elida Children's Home is currently investigating the possiblity to open it up soon again.
There are also a number of smaller apartments, where some of the workers live, as well as the kindergarten and the missions bookstore.

Opposite from the boys' home, there is a large, wonderful Elida church, seating around 2,000 people - according to Indian measures. There are some chairs, but most people sit closely on the floor, and the church is filled many times each Sunday.

A few miles away from the boys' home, on the other side of the city, our girls' home is located, safely enclosed by a wall, 500 meters long and two meters high. This is where our 35 girls live, together with our director couple Priya (Joy and Annama's daughter) and Blessen, as well as their children Andrew and Sarah. This is also the home of a number of single women, often with children, who previously have been in prison (mostly due to prostitution) and therefore now are forsaken by their families. Here they receive help with rehabilitation and re-adjustment to society.

Further outside Coimbatore, we run a large farm, where we have 700 coconut trees, bananas, mango, papaya and many other things. We also grow rice and vegetables.
In this lovely environment, we have yet another boys' home, in addition to a Bible School for adults. The students have their own building, apart from the school house, where they sleep and eat.
A farmer lives with his family on the grounds, and there is also a large building that can be partitioned off so that all our children can be out here in this summer paradise during holidays. When the children are not there, the farm often hosts youth conferences and other gatherings.

Please, contact us if you want to be a part and support our work in India!

For Elida Mission,
/Gun Abrahamsson