(please note that some changes and additions might be made)

Sun 2 July           6 pm         Evening service in Visby Pentecostal Church
4–8 July              7:45 pm    Dock meeting in Visby harbour
Fr 7 July              1–4 pm     Open sail: Visby
Sat 8 July            5 pm         Dock meeting in Vaxholm
                          7 pm         Evening concert in Andreas Church, Vaxholm
Sun 9 July           5 pm         Dock meeting by Skeppsbron, Stockholm

9-13 July                             Sailing trainee: Sweden Offshore
Tue 11 July       9 pm           Evening service in Höganäs Church
Fri 14 July         6 pm           Dock meeting in Halmstad
Sat 15 July        1 pm           Dock meeting in Lerkil (if the weather allows)
                        6 pm           Dock meeting on Vrångö
Sun 16 July       5 pm           Dock meeting on Smögen

18-23 July                            Sailing trainee: Summer – week 29
Tue 18 July        7 pm            Dock meeting in Hunnebostrand
                        9 pm            Evening service in Hunnebostrand Church
Wed 19 July       6 pm            Dock meeting in Strömstad
Fri 21 July          4 pm            Dock meeting in Grebbestad
                         7 pm            Dock meeting in Fjällbacka
                         9 pm            Dock meeting in Hamburgsund
Sat 22 July         5 pm            Dock meeting on Smögen
Sun 23 July        5 pm            Dock meeting in Lysekil
                         8 pm            Evening service in Lysekil Church

25-30 July                              Sailing trainee: Summer – week 30
Tue 25 July        10 am–2 pm  Open sail for the public: Lysekil
                         5 pm             Dock meeting in Mollösund
                         8 pm             Dock meeting in Skärhamn
Wed 26 July        2 pm             Dock meeting on Dyrön
                         8 pm             Dock meeting on Åstol
Thu 27 July         7 pm            Concert in the harbour on Fotö
Fri 28 July          12 pm            Dock meeting on Marstrand
                         5 pm              Dock meeting on Hönö
Sat 29 July         5 pm              Oas Conference, Varberg
Sun 30 July        11 am–3 pm   Open sail: Eriksberg, Gothenburg
                         12 pm            Music service by Älvsborg fortress, Gothenburg
                         4 pm              Dock meeting by Eriksberg square, Gothenburg

Welcome to join us this summer!