During the fall of 2018, Elida travelled to Israel for the first time. This was a manifestation sail with two purposes: one, to raise awareness of the situation for Christians in the Middle East who are currently being harshly persecuted, sometimes with the threat of going extinct, and two, to show support of Israel as the only democracy in the region, this state where human rights are firmly granted and which is the only country in the Middle East where Christians groups are growing.
Along with us on this sail, we had some 50 people who wanted to join us in this manifestation, private individuals and priests as well as journalists and politicians.

The reception we received was overwhelming and far beyond anything we could ever imagine, with open doors both to the average Israeli on the street and authorities on national level, and not least media.
During our eleven-day stay in Herzliya port, we met hundreds of people who came to visit our ship and speak with the crew, expressing their deep gratitude for our coming, we were invited to both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Knesset (parliament), as well as the Swedish Embassy, we held open concerts with our own music team, we were invited to the home of Armenian Christians in the Old city in Jerusalem, we participated in numerous TV shows and news outlet interviews, we visited and got to encourage people in Ashdod, on the border to Gaza, in their exposed situation, and much more.

The fact that we came from Sweden, which for so long has developed frosty diplomatic relations with Israel, and the fact that we came only to show love, encouragement and friedship was deeply appreciated.

Already Lennart "Tarren" Abrahamsson (the founder of Elida) spoke of the day when we would sail to Israel – and now we have been able to see his dream come to pass. Only the future knows what this might lead to ahead.

Under the menues to the left we have gathered some material about our sail, such as the statement of Captain Stefan Abrahamsson and some media links.