Below are some links to various programs and intreviews regarding our sail to Israel.
(NB! Not all-emcompassing.)

• Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) – Jerusalem Dateline
   And accompanying article

• Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) – Elida: Med kärlek och stöd till Israel (in Swedish)

• TV7 Nordic – A sail for Jesus and Israel

• i24News: "Israel Solidarity Flotilla to Set Sail from Sweden"
• i24News: "Christian Voyage To Unite With Jewish People"

• yNet News: "Swedish boat to make journey of solidarity to Israel"
• yNet News: "Swedish friendship boat docks in Herzliya"

• Times of Israel: "Swedish Christian Zionists to sail to Israel on solidarity mission"

• Jerusalem Post: "Swedish Christian Zionists to sail to Israel on solidarity mission"

• United with Israel: "Pro-Israel Swedish Flotilla Docks at Herzliya Port, Gets Warm Welcome"

• The Jewish Link: "Pro-Israel Swedish Flotilla To Dock In Herzliya Port"

• Israel National News: "Swedish Christian Zionists to sail to Israel"

• Blitz: "Swedish ELIDA sailing to Israel"

• Middle East Monitor: "Swedish Christian-Zionist to sail to Israel, protesting Freedom Flotilla"

• Breaking Israel News: "Pro-Israel Swedish Evangelical Flotilla Docks At Herzliya Port"

• San Diego Jewish World: "Swedish yacht, on pro- Israel mission, nears Herzliya"

• "Spontaneous gratitude when Elida arrived in Israel"

• Kehila News: "Seaborne solidarity mission sets sail for Israel’s shores"
• Kehila News: "Swedish yacht completes sympathy sail to Israel"

(For articles in Swedish, please se our Swedish website.)